Responsible procurement

We set ourselves high standards for how we do business, and we expect the same from our suppliers. Our standards are captured in our Code of Conduct and go beyond minimum legal requirements. They help us in our fight against the illegal trade and are an important part of how we meet our obligations under the 2007 Cooperation Agreement we signed with the European Union. They protect our business and our suppliers' businesses from risks and help our businesses grow together, sustainably, for the long-term.

To make sure the suppliers we work with are meeting these standards, we operate a supplier certification program for potential suppliers who want to work with us. The suppliers are invited to apply through a dedicated online portal before or during the bidding or negotiation process. Only suppliers we certify through this process can work with JTI. If the potential supplier's products and services meet a JTI business need and the supplier has completed the certification process, JTI may start the business relationship.

Annually we review the certification to make sure the supplier continues to maintains these standards, where the supplier is asked to update their information in order to maintain their certification.


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