Our principles

JTI recognizes the risks of smoking. JTI does not market its products to minors, and does not market its products in order to encourage anyone to take up smoking or to discourage anyone from quitting. JTI is committed to developing reduced-risk products, and to fostering accommodation between smokers and non-smokers.

Six core principles define JTI's attitude to smoking

  • 1

    Openness about the risks of smoking

    Smoking is a cause of serious diseases including lung cancer, coronary heart disease, emphysema and chronic bronchitis. JTI supports efforts to advise smokers accordingly. Everyone should be appropriately informed about the health risks of smoking.

  • 2

    Transparency about our products

    Smokers want to know what it is they are smoking. JTI provides information about the ingredients it uses in its products on this website. JTI also provides ingredient information when requested by governments, but asks that its trade secrets are respected and protected.

  • 3

    Commitment to the development of
    reduced-risk products 

    While the health risks of tobacco use cannot be completely eliminated, JTI is committed to the development of reduced-risk products that are acceptable to adult smokers. 

  • 4

    Youth smoking prevention

    Minors should not smoke and should not have access to tobacco products. This belief is central to JTI’s Code of Conduct, and to JTI’s marketing practices, operational policies and the way JTI does business. JTI is committed to playing a full role in youth smoking prevention, but ultimate success depends on all elements of society working together. 

  • 5

    Accommodation between smokers and non-smokers

    Many people have concerns about exposure to environmental tobacco smoke. All smokers should show consideration for those around them, and should not smoke when children are present. JTI advocates tailored, practical and effective solutions that separate smokers and non-smokers while accommodating the legitimate interests of both. 

  • 6

    Respect for local norms and cultures

    JTI is respectful of each country’s culture, norms, legislation and decision-making process. However, JTI has a right – and an obligation – to express its point of view regarding regulation that affects JTI’s products and the tobacco industry. JTI actively seeks open and transparent dialogue with governmental authorities around the world, and where possible, offers alternative solutions if issue is taken with a government’s proposed course of action.


Last updated on 2012-03-26