Rolling tobacco

As well as manufacturing and selling cigarettes we have considerable market presence with other tobacco products

Fine-cut tobacco packed in loose form in pouches is known as rolling tobacco. It’s used to produce ‘roll-your-own’ cigarettes using rolling papers. The smokers who opt for rolling their own like the way they can tailor their cigarette to their own preferences

As well as adjusting the level of tobacco contained in roll-your-own cigarettes, smokers can alter the type of cigarette paper they choose and the kind of filter. Some of our rolling tobacco brands are sold with cigarette papers, while filters are sold separately.

Once considered to be a lower grade of tobacco, rolling tobacco today is made to the same high standards as cigarettes with equal consideration being given to creating quality blends.

Texture and taste

The fine-cut rolling tobacco is designed to be easy to handle as well as having specific flavor and aroma characteristics.

This involves conditioning, including controlling moisture levels and adding flavoring in some brands. But the taste and scent of hand-rolling products are typically more reflective of the tobacco leaf used and its flavors. For example, our Old Holborn brand is made with virginia tobacco.

Hand-rolling tobacco is also a very distinct product from that used in pipe smoking and has, for example, different burning characteristics.


Our rolling tobacco brands include Amber Leaf, as well as Old Holborn, which is one of the top hand-rolling brands in the UK and the market leader in Greece.

Old Holborn
Amber Leaf

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