Corporate Affairs & Communications

Corporate Affairs & Communications champions the reputation of JTI, building relationships with governments and public bodies on a national and intra-national level

The primary focus is shaping the operating environment for our business by being active participants in the debates within our industry, engaging in the process of defining regulation and promoting our company’s performance on responsibility issues.

Our reputation is built on how we do business and it’s the role of Corporate Affairs & Communications to disseminate information about our principles and positions.

Our positions – a series of statements that unambiguously address many of the complex concerns that society has about smoking.

Our principles – a set of six ethical beliefs that apply to all of the company’s activities.

Our principles and positions define our attitude to complex but important issues such as health and marketing ethics, anti-illicit trade and social engagement.

Opportunities and risk

Corporate Affairs & Communications function is responsible for anticipating opportunities and risk in our operating environment. This involves assessing social, economic, political, regulatory and competitive events.

With a detailed understanding of our operating environment, this business function is also responsible for crafting and implementing the strategies that support the way JTI engages with employees, customers, consumers and competitors.

Social engagement

Social engagement has a significant role to play in building the reputation of our business. Corporate Affairs & Communications helps us selects projects and partners so we can support charities, communities and cultural initiatives.

The challenges

We operate in over 120 markets across the world so remaining well informed about all events that can influence our industry, or relate to the public bodies and governments that we engage with, is a significant challenge.

Working with our Manufacturing & Global Supply Chain, Marketing & Sales and Legal, Corporate Affairs & Communications also implements strategies that not only ensure regulatory compliance but also help ensure JTI’s employees understand the regulations governing what they do.

Fighting illegal trade

Corporate Affairs & Communications works on a technical and executive level with government authorities to fight contraband and counterfeiting. They are closely involved with the European Union, the World Customs Organization, the Alliance Against Contraband 'think tank' and the Quality Brands Protection Committee.

Corporate Affairs & Communications is involved in the training of employees on compliance issues and business conduct.

Customer relationships

In addition to managing JTI’s reputation with public bodies and regulators, this area is increasingly involved in building the company’s profile with customers, as trade relationships grow in their strategic importance.

Large companies increasingly look to their supply chain to help them deliver against their sustainability goals, and as a supplier to many of the world’s leading retail brands, communicating our performance on environmental, health and safety issues is fundamental to perceptions of our company as a preferred supplier.