Connecting our worldwide operations, providing the IT tools, services and support to enable employees to achieve their business goals

More than 300 individuals, based in 19 different locations, perform corporate roles in IT that make up our five core global functions.

An additional 300 IT professionals are spread across the globe, providing IT services and support to local operations and factories.

Four core functions

Our four core global functions facilitate efficient and effective working and are vital to our competitive advantage as a business. Find out more about how they work, where they are, and what they do…

The Center of Excellence (CoE)
The CoE’s role is to understand the business objectives of the various functions and regions and to define together with them the systems, processes and
technical solutions.

The Global Development Center (GDC)
The GDC’s role is to establish JTI’s strategic direction on business applications development, project management and training for all global business applications. The team is also responsible for managing all accounts and roles of global applications to ensure access to information in compliance with all applicable regulations.

The Global Technical Center (GTC)
The GTC provides global IT infrastructure solutions to all JTI markets, factories and employees, including workplace computing, communication and collaboration tools, networks, and data centers. The Global Service Desk, located in three hubs, Kuala Lumpur, St Petersburg and Montreal, provides technical and application support round the clock.

The Information Security and Risk Management (ISRM)
The primary mission of the Information Security and Risk Management (ISRM) team is the protection and safe-keeping of JTI's information resources. Its objectives can be summed-up in three words: confidentiality, integrity, availability.

IT adding value

Besides ensuring the smooth running of JTI’s day-to-day operations, IT is also a key part of projects that are essential to our unique approach to business.

Creating competitive edge
With the implementation of its Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP), JTI has undertaken one of the most significant IT projects in its history. Since its start in 2002 this has brought our diverse businesses around the world into one company wide system. ERP has been further deployed to integrate new acquisitions, such as Gallaher or the new Leaf business; and extended to Human Resources operations.

Fighting the illegal trade in tobacco
Our ‘Track & Trace’ technology can uniquely mark cases of cigarettes to allow monitoring from factory to market.

This process is devised to support JTI’s cooperation agreement with the European Union committing both parties to joint action on illegal trade in cigarettes.

The future is about simplifying our lives
Over the last ten years, JTI’s IT objectives have been broad in scope, and have included huge tasks, such as the integration of acquired entities, worldwide ERP roll-out, and global infrastructure standardization. But in a fast-moving world, we are continually evaluating new ways of working that will enhance productivity, simplify our working lives and even reduce environmental impacts.


IT support provided to our global workforce


IT support hubs: Kuala Lumpur, St Petersburg and Montreal