Manufacturing and supply chain

Our Manufacturing and Global Supply Chain department is responsible for sourcing materials, managing production and directing international distribution of all of our brands

There are 25 JTI factories producing our products. Every site looks to make continuous improvements to the manufacturing process to achieve efficiency gains, guarantee product quality and deliver innovations in the shortest possible lead time.

All our sites are linked by complex, highly efficient supply and delivery networks that are supported and directed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Sourcing tobacco leaf

While tobacco is the world's most widely grown non-food crop, there is significant skill involved in consistently sourcing the highest quality tobacco leaf needed for our complete portfolio of over 100 brands.

Tobacco has to be sampled before it is bought to make sure it will match the quality and taste expectations of each particular brand and meet product specifications provided by R&D.

With the acquisition of leaf dealers that source tobacco in Africa and Brazil, and two joint ventures established with US leaf suppliers, JTI came a step closer to tobacco farmers.

Non-tobacco products

Hundreds of non-tobacco products that go into making cigarettes, cigars, snus and rolling tobacco also have to be expertly sourced. The long list includes foils and flavorings, inks and inserts, as well papers and packing materials.

Manufacturing processes

The manufacturing process itself is a high-speed and 24-hour operation that has to precisely meet levels of demand and delivery.

Millions of cigarettes are produced across our operations every minute, with product blending and shaping swiftly progressing into packing and then distribution.

For example, our Petro plant in St Petersburg, Russia, produces over 87 billion cigarettes annually.

Fast response

Responding quickly to changes in the marketplace can involve increasing the volume produced of a particular brand, introducing a new blend, or developing
innovative packaging.

Each year we implement around 500 changes to blends and 6,000 packaging changes.

The success of technology like this relies upon Manufacturing & Global Supply Chain adapting quickly to new operational practices. They deliver some of the most important practical measures behind our company’s growth.


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