Marketing and sales

Marketing and Sales are the eyes and ears of our business, providing insight into our operating environment and evolving customer expectations of our products and brands

Careers in this area demand key skills in communication and relationship-building, while also ensuring compliance with regulation and our own stringent International
Marketing Standards.

Brand development

This knowledge is converted into brand development strategies, which cover how we package a brand, how we price it, how we distribute it and how we communicate it.

This is also where we develop the business case for brand investment programs, demonstrating how a new idea or brand development strategy can become a source of growth for our business.

Research initiatives

This involves utilizing data accumulated through consumer insight programs. These are research initiatives regularly implemented in partnership with our trade customers.

Today around 70% of our communication about JTI brands is non-media, demonstrating a significant shift away from advertising to more direct communication with customers. This demands a new way of thinking.

Creative thinking

Our company recognizes the special marketing challenges inherent to our industry, and we place a high premium on creative strategies that combine responsible marketing and selling with effective building of brands.

As well as communicating about our products, our sales and marketing promotes initiatives that demonstrate our company’s commitment to wider social engagement, as well as:

  • our positions, a series of statements that unambiguously address many of the complex concerns that society has about smoking
  • our principles, a set of six ethical beliefs that apply to all of the company’s activities.

For example, one of our positions recognizes that smoking is annoying to many non-smokers, and smokers should show courtesy to non-smokers. So in some markets we have experimented with providing smokers with personal pouches for holding extinguished cigarettes stubs until they can be disposed of responsibly.


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