A career in tobacco

Deciding on a career in tobacco

There are few industries able to provide such diverse careers as the tobacco industry, and few companies that can offer you the opportunities you’ll find at JTI

We’re not just a tobacco company, but a leading global enterprise in the exciting area of FMCG (fast moving consumer goods).

We provide opportunities to follow a broad range of career paths, including financial and marketing, human resources and logistics, engineering and scientific research, legal and public affairs, as well as develop industry-specific skills in areas from agronomy to anti-illicit trade.

From seed to pack

Every pack of every product JTI makes represents a journey from agriculture to manufacture and then distribution.

So your career in tobacco could, for example, involve working with tobacco farmers to help cultivate the high quality tobacco JTI requires, where business goals and wider social engagement issues relating to sustainability must be held in balance.

Or you could be involved in making, packing or worldwide distribution. You may develop an understanding of how logistics can make the world is connected in increasingly sophisticated ways while not losing sight of how our smallest market operates and responds.

Regulated and responsible

Our industry is highly regulated and it requires rigorous and enquiring minds to understand the rules we must comply with. We respect the regulations of every country we operate in and in many instances have set our own standards that exceed what
is required.

Your career in tobacco could mean you end up representing our business with governments, trade partners, scientists and regulators  to meet the challenges our industry faces. That’s everything from youth smoking prevention to anti-illicit
trade initiatives.

While our main focus is managing our responsibilities around the products we make, we also recognize and manage our many other responsibilities as a business, to the environment and our employees and communities worldwide. For example, JTI performance levels in Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) and waste management are far superior to other tobacco companies and production sectors. Safety is a way of life that underpins everything we do, and in the last few years we've made it the number one priority in all our factories. By looking at our own behavior and attitudes, together we are creating an environment where there are zero injuries, no repeat of unsafe practices and rigorous, non-negotiable standards.

You could be part of our HR network ensuring equal opportunities for all and expanding the training and development options available for employees. Or maybe you'll be part of the team responsible for managing our environmental footprint across our worldwide operations.

We are transparent about our business and communicate regularly with our many different stakeholders. We are open to sharing our business practices because we know they are responsible ones. Our commitment to responsible business practices creates a very positive environment for employees to be part of and one they can be proud of too.

People stay with JTI

Like most of our employees you’ll find that your career at JTI develops in unexpected directions over many years. The breadth of career experiences open to you is wider than most companies and is backed up by career support that matches personal aspirations to the needs of the business.

You’ll benefit from our culture of developing and refining our practices in every area of our operations. This means developing your ability to respond to challenges in the operating environment and testing your ability to create opportunities for our business to grow responsibly.

These are some of the most important reasons that people decide to develop their career in tobacco, and choose to stay at JTI.

But whether you see yourself developing greater scientific understanding, creating world class technology, becoming an award-winning marketer or leading the strategy for one of our global flagship brands — or something entirely different again — above all we can promise a company that cares about you.


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