JUMP traineeship program

JTI’s international program creates managers of the future

JUMP is JTI's broad ranging traineeship program offered to 300 students and graduates every year

JTI’s success relies on the quality of its people. That is why it is critically important for us to get the right talent to drive our business forward. Our philosophy is to hire for attitude and train for skills. The JUMP traineeship program gives us the perfect opportunity to live by this principle - it is designed to propel high-potential students and recent graduates into their first working experience within JTI.

There are 250-300 participants in the JUMP program on an ongoing basis. Two thirds of these are recruited for Consumer and Trade Marketing and one third for other functions including Finance, Human Resources and Global Supply Chain.

First experience with the international business

Each participant is developed over the course of the traineeship within the local market or factory where the program takes place. Exposure to the experience from the multiple markets, different brands and international colleagues equip candidates with the functional and technical skills to start their careers at JTI.

“The JUMP program is unlike any other. I have worked with some of the most creative and sharpest minds in FMCG. The training and support given is second to none. Those responsible for me during the program have helped me develop immensely.” – explains JUMP program participant Richard, now working as the Head of Wholesale, Symbols and Independents at the JTI, UK

Rapid job rotation

A significant number of our JUMP trainees have reached manager-level positions within three years of completing the program.

The rapid job rotation involved in JUMP is a major factor in candidates’ ability to kick off their careers quickly. It helps develop valuable business insight in a short period of time and the mental flexibility required to work within JTI’s business.

“The internship at JTI helped me apply the knowledge I gained during my studies but also to learn a great deal from mentors who were experts in their field of work. This internship was my opportunity to prove my worth and hence earn a job at JTI and progress my career here” – Miomir, JUMP program participant, now Strategic Insights and Business Intelligence Manager at JTI Serbia

Diverse experiences and people

Collaborating with multiple functions and on different brands also helps participants build connections with colleagues.

Plus it gives JTI’s future talents an overview of business challenges across the organization and direct experience of different functions.


"The biggest benefit of the JUMP program is the opportunity it gives you to develop your potential. It also allows you to get to know colleagues from different functions and regions, and to learn best practices from around the world"

Ryan, JUMP program participant, now Marketing and Sales Asia Pacific Manager


Fulfilled future managers

From JTI’s perspective, recruiting high-potential students and recent graduates into the business gives the company the opportunity to nurture and shape its workforce of the future in a fast-track way.

Its appeal to today’s graduates — Generation Y candidates motivated by collaboration and creativity with a readily accessible work-based social network — the JUMP program gives them the opportunity to jump into an amazing experience and develop their potential.

How do I JUMP in?

You can find more information about our program and how to apply, as well as more about the different regions around the world that you can work in by visiting JUMP.