Thinking of joining us?

Getting to know your potential colleagues

At JTI, we thrive on diversity

Our employees bring skills and expertise from a wealth of nationalities and cultures, age-groups and experiences. The diversity of our workforce and the internationalism of our business drive our success in the global market. We are able to bring different ideas, perspectives and points of view into the business – and at JTI, fresh ideas are welcomed from our newest recruits as well as our longest-serving employees.

If you are considering joining JTI, take a look at some of our employee statistics. These numbers will tell you more about the people you will be working with.

We develop our people

Our focus on people development, career management and succession planning means our internal promotion rate is very high.

Throughout 2014, a total of 6,559 positions were filled or back-filled, the majority of them with internal candidates. For example, 97.7% of all Vice President, 95.2% of all Director and 79.1% of all Manager appointments were promotions from within the company.


We have global opportunities

We want our employees’ skills and knowledge to be shared, and this means that many of our people get to experience a truly international career. Our global mobility programs range from long-term international assignments of up to five years to short-term, or rotational, assignments typically lasting 12 months. Of the 800 plus employees on such programs globally, 733 are on international assignments.


We combine young talent with the experience of age

At JTI, we recognise the benefits that age diversity brings to our workforce. Over the past years, the age-group mix at JTI has shifted slightly towards Generation Y, which now accounts for over 31% of our employees. However, with the representation of baby boomers falling slightly over the past years, the majority of employees continue to fall within Generation X, which accounts for 53.7% of the total.


We have life-long careers

Although 23.3% of current employees have been with JTI for less than three years (many of them owing to recent acquisition and market growth), the majority of our workforce are building a long-lasting career at JTI. Over 10% of employees have worked with us for over 20 years, while over 2% have served more than 30 years. Some employees have served more than 40 years of service at JTI.