A culture of ideas 

We have a distinctive company culture that encourages us to see innovation as something everyone is responsible for, whatever role they have

Our attitude to innovation is inspired by the concept of Kaizen, or ‘continuous improvement’, a philosophy handed down from our parent company, Japan Tobacco Inc.

Kaizen is a workplace practice that revolutionized Japanese manufacturing in the 1950s, made famous by Japanese business consultant Masaaki Imai.

It is a philosophy that goes beyond simple productivity improvement to address how the workplace can be humanized and experimentation encouraged.

And we try to be innovative in the ways we encourage innovation

Our company invests in innovation. Our employees are actively encouraged to come forward with suggestions, by talking to colleagues and their managers or at the continuous improvement conferences that we regularly hold. As well as keeping the channels of communication open for new ideas, we create forums where ideas can be shared across the organization. Cross-functional sharing of knowledge is fertile ground for innovation. A good idea can be anything from small incremental change through to a major innovation. It can be a tangible or intangible thing.

Ultimately, the aim for everyone is to deliver organizational agility, efficiency and productivity in the many markets where we operate.

And we’re also always looking for more people with creative minds and exciting ideas to join us.

In focus

In Focus

A new frontier
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employees submit ideas for continuous improvement in our business every year