Non-stop in 120 countries around the world

Each year we source not only the highest quality tobacco leaf but also 400 non-tobacco products, such as paper and filter material, from all over the world

From these, we manufacture hundreds of different tobacco brands that are distributed to millions of different points of sale across the globe.

To maintain our competitive advantage we need excellent performance in all our operations. Each has an important role to play in making us efficient and effective, as well as adaptable.

Making and packing

The performance of JTI’s making and packing lines around the world is a critical factor in responding to a changing market.

As pack and brand design variations increase and become more tailored to the consumer, the complexity of manufacturing increases. In the past, even small changes to packaging meant shutting down production lines for hours at a time. Today, our investment in the latest technology means that we are able to rapidly adjust our production to meet changing consumer demands.


The distribution channels and transport we use depend on the geography and infrastructure of an individual country. A pack of cigarettes could start off being distributed by sea and complete its journey by mule, or even by foot! Our logistics operation oversees this.

Business Service Centers

Supporting all of the systems and processes in our global supply and distribution chain is our network of Business Service Centers (BSCs). The BSCs provide transactional support to our business.

Harmonizing the issue and payment of invoices means capturing data in different forms from many different sources, verifying it, cross-referencing it with other documentation, processing and storing it securely.

The Business Service Centers ensure that every transaction complies with strict rules of corporate governance. They handle over five million accounting transactions every year.

In focus

In Focus

The logistics behind
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million transactions handled annually by our Business Service Centers