Fighting Illegal Trade

Defining illegal trade

Illegal trade is the production, import, export, purchase, sale or possession of goods failing to comply with legislation.

These are the three terms commonly used to categorize illegal trade activities:

  1. Contraband – genuine products smuggled from abroad
    Genuine products diverted from the legitimate supply chain and sold in a country different than the intended market of retail sale and without domestic duty paid in that country.

  2. Counterfeit – fake products appearing to be a genuine brand
    Products protected by intellectual property rights which are manufactured without authorization from the rights owners and with the intent to copy the genuine brand to deceive the consumer, also sold without duties being paid.

  3. Illicit whites – legitimately manufactured brands intentionally sold on the illegal market
    Brands manufactured legitimately in one country but smuggled into another country to provide consumers with cheap brands, also without duties being paid.


cigarettes smoked annually are estimated to be illegal


USD global gov revenues lost annually to illicit trade