Our programs

Our number-one priority is to prevent criminals from diverting genuine products from our legitimate
supply chain

JTI has a number of compliance programs targeted at contraband, all intended to ensure our products only reach consumers through legal retail trade channels in their
intended market.

Know Your Customer

We only sell our products to customers whom we are satisfied will not be involved in the diversion of products from the legitimate supply chain. A customer relationship only begins when all approvals required by local laws have been obtained and our own strict internal policies and procedures have been met.

Market and volume monitoring

JTI works hard to understand the dynamics of each market and country in which we conduct business. We apply appropriate procedures to ensure that cigarettes are only supplied in quantities that are commensurate with legitimate consumption in the intended market of retail sale.

Know Your Supplier

We strive to ensure that our suppliers are not involved in providing materials, machinery or services to those involved in illegal trade. This program encompasses all suppliers we use in the manufacturing, transportation or storage of JTI products.

Track and Trace

We develop and implement effective anti-illicit trade technology solutions to prevent the illegal handling and sale of our products. ‘Track and trace’ systems, which include marking JTI products at the master case and carton level, help us to reduce the deviation of legitimate products into illicit channels.

Corporate security

Our security programs protect our assets, including personnel, property and products. In particular corporate security lowers the risk of product theft during transportation, thereby reducing the likelihood of stolen product entering into the illegal market.

Government and other cooperation

Only governments can take the lead in the fight against illegal trade, but the legitimate industry has an essential support role to play. Cooperation is vital, as neither industry nor governments can solve this problem on their own. Consequently JTI firmly believes in proactive engagement and open communication with all concerned authorities.

At the operational level JTI is fully committed to supporting law enforcement agencies. Beyond this, we provide support to law enforcement in several jurisdictions, and have signed Memoranda of Understanding in over 30 countries. In Europe and Canada we have gone even further and entered into formal cooperation agreements. Through JTI’s EU agreement we are committed to providing 400 million USD over a 15-year period to fight illegal trade in the European Union. You can read more about our agreement on the OLAF website.


cigarettes smoked annually are estimated to be illegal


USD global gov revenues lost annually to illicit trade