E-cigarettes have no tobacco and provide an inhalable vapor by electronically heating a nicotine-containing or nicotine-free liquid (e-liquid).

In 2014, JTI acquired the UK e-cigarette brand E-Lites and further to the acquisition of Logic in 2015, one of the top-selling e-cigarette brands in the U.S., we successfully launched the Logic Pro closed tank e-cigarette in several countries around the world.

Closed tank e-cigarettes pair pre-filled e-liquid capsules with specific devices, which can be easily replaced when empty or exchanged for another flavor.

Logic LQD is our open tank e-cigarette that enables users to refill the device with Logic LQD e-liquids made in the UK. With these liquids, JTI brings its world-renowned expertise, responsibility and quality control to this category.


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JTI brands are in the top five cigarette brands worldwide