Tobacco Vapor

Tobacco Vapor

Unlike e-cigarettes, tobacco vapor (heated tobacco) products contain tobacco that is heated rather than combusted during use to produce an inhalable vapor containing evaporated constituents including nicotine and flavors.

JTI was one of the first tobacco companies to invest in the tobacco vapor category, following an agreement with the U.S. company Ploom, Inc. in 2011, to market certain tobacco vapor products. In 2015 we acquired from Ploom, Inc. a number of patents and trademarks relating to Ploom tobacco vaporization devices.

Ploom Tech, our latest product in this category, uses state of the art technology where vapor is created by heating a liquid and is drawn through a tobacco-containing capsule. It provides a distinctive and smooth taste with no ash or smoke smell.

Ploom Tech’s technology is revolutionizing the tobacco vapor category as it combines the best of both tobacco and e-cigarettes and, based on our current data, has the potential to be a reduced risk product.


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