Smoking in public places

While JTI supports regulation of smoking in many public places, we do not believe that laws prohibiting smoking in all workplaces and places open to the public are the solution. Instead, we advocate tailored, practical and effective solutions that accommodate the legitimate interests of those who do not want to be exposed to ETS, those who want to smoke in socially appropriate or traditionally adult venues, and business owners who want to have a role in deciding how to implement solutions that work for their customers and employees.

Solutions that do not rely on blanket prohibitions have been successfully adopted in many cities and countries around the world. Such solutions may include, either alone or in combination, in the form of legislation or voluntary self-regulation:

  • Written smoking policies in the workplace that favor non-smokers;
  • Designation of separate smoking and non-smoking areas;
  • Designation of an entire business as either a smoking or non-smoking location;
  • Effective ventilation to control air flow and quality; and
  • Visible signage that clearly indicates, before entering the premises, which solutions are in place.

We advocate such solutions by working directly with governments, business organizations, consumer groups and others who have an interest in evidence-based regulation that can be enforced fairly and efficiently.

Last updated on 2012-03-26