Tobacco leaf supply

At the heart of our business

At JTI we’re committed to maintaining the quality and taste signatures that each of our tobacco brands is known for

To do this, we closely monitor tobacco cultivation, curing, leaf grading and blending – all before the tobacco reaches our factories.

For example, our blending team continuously samples leaf from around the world, seeking the best quality and combinations for all our tobacco products – not just cigarettes, but rolling tobacco, cigars and snus, a smokeless tobacco product.

When our blenders have made their selection, our buyers manage the purchase of our required leaf quantity and grades, by anticipating consumer demand and negotiating with the dealers who manage the supply of leaf to the tobacco sector.

Strengthening partnerships with growers

In 2009, we further strengthened our tobacco supply chain with the acquisition of part of the worldwide business of Tribac Leaf Limited, which trades tobacco in Africa and Asia, as well as two Brazilian companies active in the tobacco business: Kannenberg and KBH&C. In the same year we also established joint ventures with two US leaf suppliers: Hail & Cotton Inc and JEB International.

These acquisitions mean that JTI now directly manages parts of its leaf supply chain. Security of supply is an important objective. But closer partnerships with growers also means we can help them increase productivity and quality of their harvests, which ultimately translates into the consistent quality that our products are known for.

Stronger relationships with growers also help extend our influence on labor conditions and environmental practices. For example, it means we can work together with farmers to tackle challenges like child labor.


of tobacco farmers contributing to our tobacco leaf supply


leaf dealers supplying leaf to the tobacco sector