JTI’s policy on idea submissions

This policy aims at protecting both JTI as well as any person who submits an idea to us

Because of JTI’s focus on new product development, it may occur that suggestions we receive from external sources duplicate or are similar to ideas which we have already considered or developed. So, for your protection, as well as for the protection of the Company, we have a strict policy on unsolicited outside ideas. This means that if a person who is not a JTI employee wishes to make a submission, it must be made on his/her own initiative.

Outline of the policy

  • Any submission sent to JTI must be in writing and should include any drawings and materials including full details of patents or design registrations which would assist us in our evaluation.
  • No submission will be taken into consideration unless a Disclosure letter has been received by the Intellectual Property Team.
  • No obligation will be created between the submitting party and JTI, except under a separate formal written agreement in the event that JTI resolves to enter into further discussions concerning any submission. In particular, submissions to the Company will not create an obligation of confidentiality, nor will they be received or held in trust. JTI will be free to use or disclose any material received.

Procedure for submitting an idea

  • Fill in and sign the Disclosure letter in duplicate to indicate your agreement with and acceptance of our policy.
  • Send a scanned copy of the duly dated and signed Disclosure letter as well as any relevant drawings and/or material to ideas@jti.com.
  • Send an original copy of the Disclosure Letter to the address mentioned therein.

We kindly ask you to retain the other original copy as well as a copy of all materials submitted.

Upon receipt, we will review the submission and revert back. If we are not interested in pursuing, we will notify you that we have considered your suggestion and do not desire to proceed further. We will also return the submission and all supporting materials received, and will not enter into the detailed reasons for our decision. 

Thank you for your interest in JTI.