Water and waste

By reducing the water we use and the waste we generate, we can reduce our impact on the environment and local communities.

Water is important across our value chain, from its use in tobacco growing and the manufacture of our raw materials, through to the processing of our products and use by people working at our sites.

Water is a precious resource and we share that resource with the communities in which we operate. We look to reduce the water we use and the wastewater we generate. We seek to protect local water resources and help local communities to access water where it is not readily available.

Other water-related risks, such as poor quality water, drought or flood can also impact our activities. We assess and manage these risks. We also work to better understand future water risks, from factors such as climate change.

We seek to significantly reduce our waste by optimizing material usage, reusing or recycling materials, or ensuring that energy is recovered from waste processing. We have made significant reductions in the wastes generated by our business and in the quantity of waste that is sent to landfill, and we continue to identify options for further reductions.   

We also look to reduce water use and waste generation across our value chain. We work with suppliers to provide information on how they manage water, and the actions they are taking to reduce water use in their operations. We also work to identify new ways of reducing the packaging waste from our materials, products and transportation.




reduction in waste generation


reduction in water consumption