Wood is important to the process of curing tobacco leaves.

It is used both as a fuel for burning, and as a material for the construction of barns. This means that deforestation has become a problem in many of the regions where tobacco is grown.

To address this, we work with tobacco growers to increase awareness of the environmental and economic value of wood. We help to replace the wood used for curing through tree planting initiatives and developing new barn construction techniques, supplemented by our reforestation program.

Live barns use living trees instead of wooden posts as the vertical timbers in a barn construction. By planting and growing trees and constructing the barn around the framework they provide, farmers avoid the need for maintenance and save costs on materials. We are helping thousands of tobacco farmers in Africa to plant and build live barns.

We also train farmers on low-tech improvements they can make to their leaf-curing process which save them money and make them more fuel efficient.


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