Human rights

We set high standards for the respect of human rights and the fair treatment of the people who work for us, and we expect our partners to abide by these standards too.

Our commitment to uphold human rights throughout our business has been formalized through the JT Group Human Rights Policy. The policy is aligned with the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and was developed in consultation with stakeholders.

As any multinational company with operations throughout the world, it is important for us to be transparent about how we conduct our business.  We have a wide range of measures that ensure that we are compliant with legal and regulatory standards wherever we do business. Our Code of Conduct defines and encourages behavior that is aligned with our high standards, which are applied across our value chain. For the people who grow our tobacco leaf, these standards are also reflected in our Agricultural Labor Practices.

We strive to protect people’s basic, fundamental rights. Rights such as respectful treatment, fair remuneration and decent working hours. The right to be protected from forced labor, and the right for workers to organize in trade unions. And the right to work in a safe environment, protected from hazards and illness.

Child Labor is a major challenge in agriculture, and we place special importance on this issue. We have introduced a number of programs to combat the problem of child labor on the areas where our tobacco leaf is grown.

Employees, customers, distributors and suppliers are all able to report violations of our Codes of Conduct – including suspected human rights violations – through our reporting concerns processes; Your Voice for employees and via our Reporting Concern for Business Partners website for those not employed by JTI. Where breaches are reported or identified and are validated, our effort turns to remediation.


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