The tobacco leaf that we use to make our products is grown and harvested by thousands of people in countries around the world.

We have taken steps to integrate our leaf supply chain into our core business. Having direct contracts with farmers gives us a greater influence with the people who produce our crop – more than we would have if we were buying raw tobacco from suppliers. We use this influence to encourage better labor practices on the farms where our tobacco is grown.

The labor practices we expect are defined in our Agricultural Labor Practices (ALP), which define minimum requirements for preventing and eliminating child labor, respecting workers' rights and applying health and safety measures at the workplace.

We work closely with farmers and suppliers to help them meet these standards. Our ALP program allows us to help our directly contracted farmers to improve and to observe, record, understand better. We have also implemented our ALP with other leaf suppliers, who in turn are expected to roll out the standards in their own businesses.

Growers who fail to meet the standards are offered support to help them improve. If our support is declined, or a farmer does not take measures to improve, we may decide to not renew our contract with them.      


We have work with approximately 42,000 directly contracted farmers


We source our leaf directly from eight countries