Health and safety

Our people are our most valuable asset. This means that the safety and health of our employees, contractors and visitors is fundamental in all that we do.

This means not only complying with legal requirements but having systems in place to identify risks, investigate incidents and continuously improve safety. We are building a culture of safety across our factories, fields and fleets. Many of our sites are already certified to the highest international standards. We aim for all our sites to meet those standards.

Our approach to safety is built on creating a safety culture, safe workplaces and safety competence, which helps us to prevent people from being harmed at work.

We continuously demonstrate safe behavior and regularly provide safety training to our employees to help them adopt safe methods of work. This enables us to continuously assess the risks and improve safety of our work environments.

The health and well-being of our people is directly linked to their productivity and satisfaction at work. We promote health and wellbeing to our employees based on the three principles of prevent, protect and perform. Preventing ill health will protect our people and promote individual and business performance, productivity and engagement at work. Our approach also includes occupational health and hygiene practice, ergonomic and psychosocial factors, with worker and community wellbeing programs.


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