Our reports


We report on our sustainability activities and performance at a Group level on an annual basis.

The JT Group annual sustainability report uses the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines as its framework.   

We are proud that our latest report, launched in May 2017 – the FY2016 JT Group Sustainability Report – was in full accordance with the GRI G4 Guidelines to ‘Core’ Level.

By using the GRI G4 Guidelines, we can generate reliable, relevant and standardized information with which to assess opportunities and risks, and enable more informed decision-making.

All current and previous reports can be found below, along with supporting material, such as the GRI G4 Content Index and Basis of Reporting. The GRI G4 Content Index shows the list of standard disclosures for which we have provided information on in any given year and the Basis of Reporting document outlines the scope and the way we define, calculate and consolidate specific data.  

For further information or to provide feedback on our latest report, please click here.