JTI Foundation

Created in 2001, the JTI Foundation is a charitable organization registered under Swiss law and financially endowed by JT International SA.

The JTI Foundation helps less privileged people and victims of natural or man-made disasters improve their quality of life. This is achieved by working closely with organizations recognized as specialists in this field. 

While the JTI Foundation supports Disaster Relief initiatives and has provided emergency support to countries including Nepal, Malawi and Serbia, its main focus is Disaster Risk Reduction as this is a critical element of sustainable development. Disaster Risk Reduction helps to increase awareness of vulnerable communities to related disaster risks and be better prepared to face and recover from crisis situations. Projects include disaster resilient construction techniques in Indonesia, regional community based disaster risk management in five countries across Asia and increasing the resilience of marginalized rural communities in the Philippines to natural disaster.

The JTI Foundation builds long-term partnerships with organizations that place beneficiaries at the center of their work and encourages its partner organizations to work together to achieve greater effectiveness.

In 2016, the JTI Foundation worked in 19 countries with 16 partner organizations funding 21 projects. 

The JTI Foundation is a Swiss registered foundation, member of SwissFoundations and the European Foundation Centre.


Programs in 20 countries supported by the JTI Foundation (2001 to 2014).


Is the year the JTI Foundation was set-up by JTI